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Anne and Pete Sibley

With two voices in harmony, a guitar and a banjo, Anne and Pete Sibley sing. Each song is a journey, a joining of music and story. Anne and Pete Sibley seek to convey music more attune to an experience rather than a simple song. Raised in the Northeast, settled in the West, Anne and Pete continue to strive to live an authentic human life.

The Sibleys’ music hit the national spotlight in 2009 with a blue ribbon finish in the “Great American Duet Sing Off” on National Public Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion. They’ve performed live at NYC’s Town Hall, Washington’s DC’s Kennedy Center and on festival stages from North Carolina’s Merlefest to Colorado’s Rockygrass. Honestly, the real credits are the way the music touches each individual they meet, this has been an ongoing gift that they cherish.

In 2011, Anne & Pete said a greater “Yes” to their music. In about 4 weeks time they; sold their home of 12 years in Jackson Hole, gave away (including their beloved dog, Buddy) almost everything they owned, put their young children and instruments (and whatever else fit) into their Subaru, and hit the road! The road trip ended up being over 14 months long, bringing them in front of hundreds of audiences and through 30 states while looking for the next place to call home. In California they finally stopped the van (the Subaru had died in Kansas) when their dream home appeared by the ocean. They then began building the groundwork for their latest album, Extraordinary Life (recently released) and continue to deepen their musical incarnations.

“Being on the road that long taught us much about who we are as individuals,” reflects Pete. “It showed us that when we are willing to let down our walls, people can sense that authenticity and are willing to support and help us. It wasn’t always easy to receive from folks, sometimes total strangers, and it seems I had a lot to learn about how to be a gracious receiver. To receive from the generosity of Life itself.”

Anne and Pete continue to seek their authentic living through their music and live performance. Yet often challenging audiences to ask themselves, what have you always wanted to do but have been putting off for any number of reasons? In deep gratitude they sing their songs and fall in love with audiences night after night. “I’m always impressed and hopeful for good in the world when I see people supporting us in our heart’s passion,” Pete shares. “What if we all believed we’re supported in our heart’s passion, be it music, parenting, dancing, astronomy or whatever? What will the world look like at that moment?”

CD releases include: Wandering to be Found (2012-EP), Coming Home(2009) Will You Walk With Me (2005), Winter on the Great Divide (2007) and Think of This River (2004).