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SingOut, Spring 2010 Publication
Coming Home Review
By Chris Stuart

Anne & Pete Sibley are the recent first-place winners of Prairie Home Companion’s Great American Duet Sing-Off. They are also winners of my own personal Duet Act Whose Songs and Singing Bear the Greatest Chance of Being Sung and Heard a Hundred Years From Now. Great songs, great singing, scary-good harmony blend, and good people—if you like that kind of thing.

This is their fifth recording and each one has gotten deeper into my skin, so that anytime they put out something new it takes a place somewhere in my blood and marrow. I swear, if they record anymore, I’m sending them my medical bills. I’m hooked on them.

This album has 14 songs, of which 11 were written mostly by Anne, and some by Pete or both, one song by A.P. Carter, “Sow ‘Em On the Mountain,” a traditional song, “Wayfaring Stranger,” and a song by Mick Hanley, “Past the Point of Rescue.” There are no highlights on this album—it’s all exceptional, like a Jackson, Wyoming, high prairie, where they live. Anne Sibley has songwriting instincts that amaze and inspire. The song “Coming Home” seems to reach back and bring up memories from ancestors, and “Someone to Save Me” is now on my top-ten desert island list of songs.

Coming Home was recorded and engineered by Ben Winship at his studio in Victor, Idaho, and it’s breathtakingly well recorded—crystal clear, mixed with the interplay of vocals and instruments just right.

These folks should have a touring schedule of 300 shows a year, but I hope they don’t go that route. I want them there in Jackson, Wyoming, writing great songs, and recording gems, like this. They’re onto something up there and it’s a joy and pleasure that we can listen in.